Professional Drone Services and Photography

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"Be agile, Fly safe"

Meeting in flight this falcon was inspirational:
Being agile and flying safe are two faces of the same coin...

  • Security above all

  • Every flight is unique

  • Flying system is one part of the solution

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Drone vehicle is only one part of a comprehensive system to deliver imagery services. Several types of aerial footages can be captured with different drones and flight modes. Possibility to combine also with ground pictures provides with a full range of photography services to cover a large spectrum of requirements

Vincent, 3VS4U

Flexible range of Services


Drone only

You may already work with a photographer, or with an agency for the post-productions, or you may just look for only stunning aerial footage

This for you: We plan the views you are interested in, organise the flight in best conditions of light and environments, make the flight, and provide you with clean and classified rushes


Blended photography services

You know what you want, and you want the best means used for it

let's focus on your needs, then what drone, gimbal, photo gear to use ... is our matter




You want it ready to use for your communication supports, websites, social medias, ...

Video montage, photo reworks, digital flow management Will be worked for you with the Adobe suite

Needs in 3D models shall be anticipated from the beginning to plan the specific flight path

VR Flight.jpg

Flight training or amazing First Person View flight in VR

We can have flight session together to push-up your piloting skills confidence

or may want to on-board in the Virtual reality goggle for an amazing flight

Strong process and certifications for a large operational range

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Fly for Value

We plan and deliver business value for every flight


Fly both sides of atlantique

Qualified and certified by FAA Part 107 in the United States and the DGAC equivalent in France

Fly responsible and ethical in all circumstances